Bright pink crocheted slippers

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Chunky Crochet Basket

I always see these on Pinterest, and re-pin gosh darnit I made one!!!!


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My mini granny squares bunting

I am so inspired by Blue Cottages crochets, I had to make some mini granny square bunting for myself!!!

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Blue Cottage

I'm officially totally, madly in LOVE with Blue Cottage! I stumbled across Niebieska Chata on Pinterest when I was looking up "Crochet" (surprise surprise)!!

Not only are her creations delicate, feminine,  lovley, chunky, shabby, soft .... I could go on and on, but her photography is stunning. A real true artist from Poland, please check out her work, like her Blog, follow her on Pinterest...totally worth it :)

Here are just a small few of the pictures I have SAVED onto my phone for inspiration:

I'm going to go crochet now :)
xoxo lisa

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My finished crochet stool cover....FINALLY!

Holy cow did it take me a few turns a this crochet stool cover!
I must have unraveled it about 6 times. It keep curling up on me looking like a bowl.
I finally found a youtube video tutorial that made it easy to keep the expanding cover flat!

Here is a link to the helpful video if your interested:

Back to Basics Crochet: Make a flat circle with double crochet.

I think next cover I make I will follow a pattern very similar to these:

And just to keep the day light and fun, enjoy my sense of humor:

lisa xoxo

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