Natural Stone Coasters

So I got my hands on 8 Natural Stone 4" x 4" tiles. 
My little crafty brain went into overdrive with the possibilities!

I knew I wanted to make coaster out of them, but what to put on them?? Should I put a little word on  them, or maybe a sentence, or maybe a customers initials...ughhh!!

So I rifled through some of my hand made stencils (thank you exato knife) and found 2 little stencil that happen to be my favorite images! 

4 of the coaster have a stencil of a bird on a branch, and the other 4 have a little butterfly. I used black acrylic paint, and once that was completely dry I used a light smear of Modge Podge to seal just the image up!!
I had some little rubber bumpers from another old project that were not being used, so I glued them onto the bottom of each coaster for protection!

I just LOVE the outcome!!

Check out these babies!! SOOOOO Shabby Chic & Primitive in my opinion. 
For SALE (of course :) on my Etsy here to visit ;)

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