Learning to Crochet

 I taught myself how to knit. You tube is a beautiful thing! I'm not the most sophisticated knitter, and I am kinda stuck on making dishcloth...which I love making!  

I wanted to learn how to crochet to. The dishcloths and blankets that are crochet always look so cozy to me. So I'm sharing my learning curve with you!

Here are a few Inspirational pictures I snagged off Pinterest. 
I have a Crochet Love board, and you can follow it here.

This is the video I've chosen to learn the basic cast on (which I know) and simple chain link and simple crochet stitch.
(click the you tube image for the link)

I'll post my pictures of my attempt as I go.... this should be good!

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Natural Stone Coasters

So I got my hands on 8 Natural Stone 4" x 4" tiles. 
My little crafty brain went into overdrive with the possibilities!

I knew I wanted to make coaster out of them, but what to put on them?? Should I put a little word on  them, or maybe a sentence, or maybe a customers initials...ughhh!!

So I rifled through some of my hand made stencils (thank you exato knife) and found 2 little stencil that happen to be my favorite images! 

4 of the coaster have a stencil of a bird on a branch, and the other 4 have a little butterfly. I used black acrylic paint, and once that was completely dry I used a light smear of Modge Podge to seal just the image up!!
I had some little rubber bumpers from another old project that were not being used, so I glued them onto the bottom of each coaster for protection!

I just LOVE the outcome!!

Check out these babies!! SOOOOO Shabby Chic & Primitive in my opinion. 
For SALE (of course :) on my Etsy Shop...click here to visit ;)

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My Etsy Shop Link

Please visit my Etsy Shop!!

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New Westminster Heritage Homes

I was in New Westminster for work the other day and I found myself smack dab in the middle of paradise! 
Well to me anyways :) I was totally struck by the heritage homes in the area...I felt like I could bE right back in the days of black & white TVs and rotary phones! 
I couldn't help but take a few pics using Instagram...enjoy!!

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Dishcloth MADNES!!!!

Well not that nuts, but I sure do love making these guys :)
I think I'm going to find a new pattern tho...these are getting a bit old for me!

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I'm knitting up a storm lately! 
These are some of my past Dishcloths I've made. I love experimenting with color schemes and combination :)

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