Week Off = Knitting Storm ahead!

I have a week off regular work ;)
Gonna knit up a storm if coffee cup cozy's!!!

Will post pics at the end of the week of them all....

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Coffee Cup Cozy's

I am so in love with these Coffee Cup Cozy's!! I am making up my own patterns as I go, figuring out which ones I like better, how they fit best on different mugs... you know me, figure it out and GOOOOO!!

So here are my first 2 so far:

Not too bad eh!!

I've made 6 so far...I've gotten so good it's only taking me about an hour to bang one off!!

I will be selling these cuties on my Etsy Store for $8.00/each

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Chair Socks

A friend asked me if I could make these.... I had seen pictures of them, loved them their so darn cute, so CHALLENGE ACCEPTED:p

First attempt, I think I figured it out.... Now to make replicas of prototype!!

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I had post a few Primitive items to the Etsy shop!
I personally would love to keep them, but I DO have a business to run here people :)

Click here to be wisked away to a Cozy shop with Cozy items, a Cozy feel, and a kick *ss Cozy me ;p

Here's a sneak peek:

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Enamelware, how I love thee :)

Love the rusty, worn, cozy look of Enamelware!
I've boughten a few pieces for my home & a few for the ETSY shop.
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WHY have I NOT heard of this till now???

Of course I joined ASAP!!!

Here's a link to my Profile :)

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Coffee Table Books are COZY

I started a new Pinterest Board last night...inspired by MY own unique coffee table books....pictures coming (I forgot to take some of them)...but check out some I pinned last night!!
My board is called Coffee Table Books!

just small ways of making your home COZY!!

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All About the Cozy Pinterest Style

I currently have 13,470 pins on 48 Boards!!!

I have a small obsession, you think?!

The Ideas!
The Creativity!!
The Projects!!!
The How To's!!!!

I could go onnnnnnn about how much I ♥ Pinterest!

~Here is a link to my world via Pinterest~

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