Vancouver Flea Market

Went to the VFM today for the FIRST time.... It was a huge building full of crap.... 
I was in heaven :p

Here are a few treasures I bought:

Giant Spool

Old wooden toolbox

Horseshoe :)

Cast Iron Iron with handle 

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Patina Pretty Pinterest

I am so obsessed with Patina anything, I created a board just for this lovely, natural occurrence.

Drift through the following pictures and let your mind wander to the possibilities of a Patina decorated home! 

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Inspirational Autumn

Fall is my favorite time of year!!
How can it not be... Check out some pics that have gotten my Autumn Live in high gear!!! My crafty fingers are getting twitchy ;)
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Copper wire words

I've seen these before, and always wanted to give it a try... So I finally picked up some light gauge copper wire at Michaels, and used my pliers TI just play around....

What do you think???
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