Pinterest Inspired Baby Gift

Good friends of mine just had a little healthy girl!! 

First baby for the long time couple and I am over the moon happy for them!

I was trying to think of a great, meaningful gift and I found my inspiration on my current addiction...Pinterest!!

Here is a snapshopt of my "Baby Love" board on my Pinterest...

I picked up a $11.00 10" x 13" white frame, and took out the glass.

I really wanted to use a shadow box, but I couldn't find one :(

Here I used a outline of a simple butterfly I printed off my computer and carved out. 

I bought two sided printed paper....My local scrap-booking store had many of these little booklets in all different color combos :)

I spaced them out evenly, and hot glued their little bodies down. 

I stenciled out the baby's name and used black acrylic paint to "sponge" over top and WOW...I might had to make myself one of these :)

Congratulations to the Happy Family!!!


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Summer 2012 ~ Maxi Doodles

Okay, so to say I adore my little 9 year old furry child, is an understatement!! 
I'm so lucky to have this little black short vertically challenged dog in my life!!!

Seriously LOVE my Maxi Doodles 

btw- I love it when his little pink tongue is "too big" for his mouth and the tip hangs out!!!!
See if you can "SPOT" the tongue :)

I see it here

Oh and here

annnd again here

holding it in....

ahhhhhh there it is again

ummmm, I can see your teeth....hee hee

Awww baby I wuv you
xoxo Mom

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Long Time Gone

Like the Dixie Chicks song says "Long long time gooone"

Sorry Y'all, (yup I just wrote that) it been soooo long! For those of you who are still following me, THANK YOU!! I will try to get back into babbling about my life, projects, kids...general crap! For now here are some inspirational pictures to get the juices flowing!!

And for those that care, I've really been inspired by Pinterest Nails are some of mine :)

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