An old ladder gets a new look!

This old wooden ladder was about to be taken to the dump, when I tackled and held down patiently asked the former owner if I could have it.

Big Time Score in my opinion!!!!

I'm saving you from my professional disassembley of this ladders metal parts....believe me  when I say my neighbor came over and laughed at my techniques, and came to my rescue with proper tool, 
cut the metal and drilled the rivets out, I was soooo thrilled. Saved me a ton of time, not to mention my fingers from more cuts :) 
Yay Neighbors!!! 

I am soooo in love with my finished product!! It is currently in the corner of my room, looking GORGE!!!

My Instagramed pics :)

This is a neat piece I picked up a few months ago from the Antique Village in Fort Langley!!

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