Mini Ornate White Frame

Made this little gem on the weekend! I LOVE the contrast of the white against the patterned paper!

For sale on my ETSY Shop!

Lisa :)

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Colorful Mini Pics

I had fun making these little guys. They were really easy, just exercise some patience and taa daa!

I made 10 of these, with only 5 patterns. So they match in pairs :)

I've put them on my ETSY shop for anyone interested in purchasing these puppies!

Lisa :)

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Max enjoying fresh cut grass!

Take note: the front paws point outwards, and the tiny white teeth!
He's suck a great dog, but I can defiantly tell when he's had enough modeling :)
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Once upon a time there 3 old windows & a door...

These beauties have found their way to my garden..... And they fit perfectly!
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Galvanized Mailbox


I know, vintage Galvanize, takes my breath away...well not really but it's pretty freakin cool I'd say!!!

This puppy is going to have a post secured under it, and it's going straight into my garden with possibly some cascading petunias, or creepers billowing out of the mouth...

Can't wait!!!!!

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Max's friends

Max and his friends, Charles the brown lab & Otis thee pug!
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My Mom's Decor

My Beautiful Mom has such great taste for cozy decor. Her passion falls into the more clean streamlined pastels & whites!
Read the titles of the book stacks...she has a real talent for the combinations!
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