How to create a Facebook Timeline Picture

Here are some really simple directions for creating and uploading a Facebook Timeline Photo!

Step 1

Google "Pic Monkey" or upload it from the Google Chrome store.

Step 2

Click your mouse on "Edit your photo or drag it on over"

Step 3

Now choose a favorite picture 
( Note: picture I find should be fairly broad, no close ups of face and such)

Step 4

You should now see your chosen picture.

Step 5

Click your mouse on the "Crop" image

Step 6

Now don't do anything about the grid on the right...use your mouse to click on 
the "No Fixed Proportions"!

Step 7

Use your mouse to scroll down till you see "Facebook Timeline" and click your mouse on it!

Step 8

Pic Monkey will automatically re-size your chosen picture to fit the required 399 pixel width for your BIG Facebook picture if you are using timeline!!
You can use your mouse to adjust the grid up and down, in and out to your desire.

(Remember I suggested not using a picture with any real close ups...if you do, you'll see what I mean, they will look distorted after you choose the Facebook Timeline option...)

Once you have fiddled around with the grid and you like the size, use your mouse to click on "Apply"

Step 9

Now you can scroll through the many many options for tweaking your photo, and have fun, play around, remember you always have the option of choosing YES or NO for any option!

Step 10

When you finished, use your mouse and click the SAVE button, and save your new Facebook Timeline photo to your favorite file for awesome pictures...I have one of those, doesn't everybody??!!

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Cheers Lisa

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