Shabby Chic White Wreath

Another DIY project done!!! I'm sooo tempted to hang this on my front door or even in my room!!!

Was super easy to make!

1) Brown "woody" wreath
2) Spray paint it matte white ( or whatever color you want... This is why I love spray paint)
3) Choose any left over fabric and cut as many 2" - 3" strips = how many roses you want.
4) Look on YouTube "How to make fabric roses"... I found some great tutorials :)
5) Hot glue your fabric roses where ever your heart desires... I like the off-to-the-side look!
6) Embellish with twine, fabric, burlap.... Really anything you want :)

Taa-Daa you made a custom DIY wreath you can be proud of!!!

This is mine ;)

Btw - I LOVE Instagram!!! I love playing with the different settings :)

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Small vintage decoration... Do you know what it is?

Help people.... I picked this little guy up at a garage sale, my instincts said "buuuuy that"!
But I'm not sure if it has a name or is just a vintage decoration???

It says " hand painted flohart" on the bottom?
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Garage sale score!

So I picked up this little item this morning at a multi garage sale in
Fort Langley.......... Guess what I paid???


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Sunday - Garage Sales Hunting

Sunday, this is my plan for you!

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A celebrity "liked" my picture on Instagram!!!

Tito Ortiz, whom I follow on Instragram, is a famous Mixed Martial Athlete, also know know for his marriage to the mother of his adorable twin boys, Jenna Jameson.
Well he just liked a picture I took of the vintage brown boards I turned into shelving.... So that's pretty cool ;)
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Fun with Buttons

Ohhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh, Buttoooooons 

 Buttons I have currently listed on my Etsy Shop! I have a tons of these, and I'm selling them in packs of 50 & 100:

Some eye candy: Vintage Buttons from the WEB!!

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Mr.Max, The Protector!

Keeping us safe from squirrels & chickadees since 2008!
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It needs more BURLAP !!!!!

Well I can definitely declare my LOVE for burlap *sigh*

Here are some DIY crafts I created that have some lovely burlap included :)

These items will be posted on my Etsy shop shortly.
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My garden is growing slowly but surely :)

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Max takes a nap... Well tries too :)

It's hard to sleep with a iPhone in your face!
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I have a question?

I've posted on the left side of my Blog a Questionnaire:
Please visit the Blog, answer the question, as the answers will help me with my pursuit of COZY!!

I'm not I !!!!!

In the meantime, enjoy these pics from!!
Wiener Dog Races :)

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3 Words that are magical together: Burlap.White.Frame *sigh*

Could there BE a better pairing of items???

A White Frame with Burlap..*sigh*

For Sales on my Etsy shop...just look at these and I dare you not to drool and find 5 minutes goes by in a flash!!!

Here's a link to my Etsy shop 

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How to create a Facebook Timeline Picture

Here are some really simple directions for creating and uploading a Facebook Timeline Photo!

Step 1

Google "Pic Monkey" or upload it from the Google Chrome store.

Step 2

Click your mouse on "Edit your photo or drag it on over"

Step 3

Now choose a favorite picture 
( Note: picture I find should be fairly broad, no close ups of face and such)

Step 4

You should now see your chosen picture.

Step 5

Click your mouse on the "Crop" image

Step 6

Now don't do anything about the grid on the right...use your mouse to click on 
the "No Fixed Proportions"!

Step 7

Use your mouse to scroll down till you see "Facebook Timeline" and click your mouse on it!

Step 8

Pic Monkey will automatically re-size your chosen picture to fit the required 399 pixel width for your BIG Facebook picture if you are using timeline!!
You can use your mouse to adjust the grid up and down, in and out to your desire.

(Remember I suggested not using a picture with any real close ups...if you do, you'll see what I mean, they will look distorted after you choose the Facebook Timeline option...)

Once you have fiddled around with the grid and you like the size, use your mouse to click on "Apply"

Step 9

Now you can scroll through the many many options for tweaking your photo, and have fun, play around, remember you always have the option of choosing YES or NO for any option!

Step 10

When you finished, use your mouse and click the SAVE button, and save your new Facebook Timeline photo to your favorite file for awesome pictures...I have one of those, doesn't everybody??!!

All About the Cozy Facebook Page

Cheers Lisa

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