New Crafty Shabby Chic Home Decor

So I was off for the last week resting after my Gallbladder removal surgery (NO I DID NOT KEEP IT)
That was very hard to, sit still, don't do to much....arggghh! I kept saying, "Thank God for knitting, it's not doing anything, but doing something"!!

I did sneak a run to the dollar store, to pick up some goodies because my BURRRRLAP came the other day from a purchase on Etsy!!! Ooooh buuurrrlaaap!

So I let my imagination run free and made some cute Shabby Chic home decor items!!

And , YES I listed them for sale on my Etsy shop...duuh!

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Project Ideas from Pinterest

Homemade shower curtains: seriously you could make these with your favorite color (s) and a sewing machine...if you "mess up" it will only make them look more Shabby Chic!!! 
This definitely a project I'm going to tackle this spring :) 

Painted jars, simple and very cute :)

Another simple project, and the fun I will you will have searching antique stores for materials!!

This one looks almost too easy...seems I would have to keep a delicate hand...but the end results are endless...Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift, Baby Shower, Congrats Gift, Thinking of You gift....and on and on!!!!

Simple, cute yet stylish ans sophisticated.

I think I have all of these materials in my home now....good project for an afternoon!

I used YouTube to learn how to make these material roses, and again the colours are endless! Adding a simple center piece is stunning and simple! Another fun afternoon project, and if you make enough of them you could add them to any other projects on the go!!

I can picture adding some of the fabric roses to these box shelves!!

More simple little projects that could be stored away for another bigger project, embellishing and simple touches.

This one looks beautiful, and I love the pure white of this rug! 

Now I know what to do with all my little balls of yarn left over from my knitting!!!!!

Okay, this was a little ambitious of me to add this one, but if I came across this cubby OH DEAR!! I would haul it on my BACK to get it home!!!  Seriously I would carry on my back. 

Summer project!!!!!!

I will be refurbishing 6 dinning room chairs this spring/summer, and I'm so glad I came across this little tip...the results are massive!!!!!

Old crate....come on so Shabby Chic it's re-donk-ulous!

Two words: CHICKEN WIRE!
Is there something as using too much in my home?

I have made something similar to this and I LOVE it!!!

And now with spring and YAY sumer coming, some gardening ideas for projects :)

And succulents to die for!!! 

Well I'm heading back to Pinterest for more Inspiring pics!!

Have a WONDERFUL day, oh and Maxidoodles says "Woof" a.k.a "Yo"

lisa xoxo

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