Mr. Max and his scarf

Maxi Doodles help me by being my "model" he is modelling the my first scarf I made :)

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Knitted Dishcloths

This is how I've been spending the long winter nights...well the wet West Coast nights :)
I've taught myself to knit! I learned this pattern called "Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth"
I made these  for my sister ♥

But I will also show you the "Beginners" ones I made...I wanted to give her PERFECT ones, no miss stitches or holes...I've learned to unravel to my mistake and pick up from there to fix a missed stitch!

I'm LOVIN' making these little I think I'm going to make a bunch more!!!

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2 Bags Full - A Blog Story

I have been introduced to a blog called 2 Bags Full.

A must look for those interested in knitting, creating, and very good story telling!

The first thing that caught my eye was this MAGNIFICENT homemade nest!!

This amazing artist creates these nests for buyer on a YEAR long waiting list!! In my opinion, totally worth the wait! 
I follow a wonderful, inspiring blog called "Fishtail Cottage", and I signed up for email updates from this very creative mother of 7!!
Her latest post was about this blog, and how she had just received her nest after waiting for a long time...again, after seeing this piece, completely worth the wait!!

I highly encourage MY follower to check out both these blogs, they are and have been hours of entertainment reading, scrolling, and discovering their unique presentations, descriptions, storytelling, creating and humor for me!!

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Inspiration Overload :p

Images I have ♥'d from the addicting website Follow_me_4

I'm teaching myself to can I resist after looking at these images!!

Annd because I'm a girl....accessories to INSPIRE !!!

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