Christmas Pig - The Story behind the Snort

When I was a little kid, my twin sister and I had little farm animals. One Christmas, as my parents opened the boxes of decorations in anticipation of decorating the house for Christmas, they found a pink little piggy among the garland, bulbs and lights!
Well, since pigs are my DAD'S favorite animal, even naming his first car at the age of 16 "Pig", he declared this was a Christmas Pig!!
So every year that I can remember we have always had this little "Christmas Pig" on the mantel among all our Christmas decorations.

Well as my sister and I grew up, it kinda became a tradition to give my Dad some thing "Pig" for Christmas. He started to get pig key chains, pig candles, pig ornaments, fuzzy pink pig slippers, a pig tie, books about pigs and even a pigs ears that the family dog enjoyed!

I asked my Mom to take a few pictures of the Christmas Pig Collection this has grown and I'm sure this is not all of the pig stuff he's received aver the years but here's a collection of pictures for your humours enjoyment!!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your family and all the laughter your stomachs can handle...mine hurts from laughing so much!!

Lisa xoxo
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Shabby White Cubby

I have been PATIENTLY scouring Craigslist for a White or Brown cubby.
I was inspired by these ideas and images:

Annd looky what I found!! Well I should first tell you the sound I made last night when I punched in the word "Cubby" on my Craigslist app on my phone and scrolled down till I saw a link called "Cubby thingy"!

I opened the link , and made a sound I think would be similar to a walrus hooting loudly and clapping my hands in delight....then I made a even bigger walrus type sound at the price...$10 

I will be picking up my Christmas present to myself tonight.

Merry Christmas Me!!!! 

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Bedroom Ideas ???

I'm thinking in the new year I may change the color scheme of my bedroom....I'm luvin the brown/white/black shabby look!! 
Here are a few inspirational ideas I've been drooling looking at :)

This is my ultimate INSPIRATIONAL picture, from Rusty Rooster Vintage

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Christmas 2011

It's been awhile since I last posted...but hey I DO have a life ;)

I thought I'd put together a few of MY favorite things about Christmas. I have wonderful memories of this time of year, which I solely contribute to my amazing parents, E & C ♥♥ 
They made this time of year warm, cozy, and taught us that it wasn't about  the presents, it's about the time we spend together, enjoying each others laughs, and kicking *ss at family card games!!

Some of my fond memories and things I ♥ about Christmas:

So I got in crap for NOT including a family tradition by my Dad's Christmas Pig collection.
I will post separate photos of this collection along with the story behind soon as I take a few pics ;)

Merry Christmas
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