Nifty Tags

The other day I decided to try "Tea Dying"!

I pulled out some of my little white circle tags I bought off ETSY a while ago.

I pulled out some disgusting tea I was given YEARS ago to use for dying. 

I just used a glass pan, filled it half way with warm water, added a few bags, and threw in the little white tags....left over night and Taa Daa:
I used my three hole punch to punch out one hole!

I then used some black acrylic paint and my little alphabet I got from Michaels for $2.00!!!
I wrote some words that always make me happy :)

I then embellished them with some crap I had left over from other past projects:

I'm not exactly sure WHAT I'm going to do with them now...but I'll figure sooomething out ;)

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I want a UNIQUE wing back chair ..and I want it NOW!!

Well I do have patience, but it would be nice to find a used chair that didn't look like 70's velor gone bad!!

Here are a few picture that are TOTALLY inspiring me!!!


I R E A L L Y like the Toile printed wingbacks :) :) :)

Oddly I like this print and color..although it would NOT work with my color scheme, but different!

Could you just curl up and read forever!! *sigh*

I love the wood trim on this one...just totally completes the look of the chair!

I wouldn't do white, but this work and is very eye popping!

This was my favorite! And it's also called the "Lisa Wingback" !! HAa haa what a cowinky-dink!!
What a fabulous print, so unique and shabby...looks almost like burlap with a print...although burlap would be pretty itchy to sit on, so it must be something else...loves it!

Annnd here's the crapolla I keep finding on my beloved Craigslist :(
Blahhhhh...need to find a half decent chair I can repurpose!!
I'm on a MISSION!

lisa xoxo
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