Knick Knack Krap Attack

Check out the Krap (I know that word is spelled with an "C" Mom :) I made on Friday...yup, Friday cause that's the exciting life I lead!!! 

I re-framed some black picture frames I had with some old vintage french novel pages I
 got off ETSY for dirt cheap!!

I just learned on YOU TUBE how to make fabric I've been going crazy making them :)

This was Maxi my Super Dog watching me create the Krap...he looks just as impressed as my kids do when I show them my Krap...I quote my daughter "Uh oh, Mom's got that look on her face, better stay back when she has her glue gun"!!!

Maybe Max just wasn't impressed with the little books the kids and I picked up??

Annnd just to put a smile on your face, cause this made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.....

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