Phonebook Wreath Making Extravaganza

I DID it!!
Once I got the hang of it, there was NO stopping me!! I made 3 of these bad boys, 2 for me :) and 1 for my BF! My wonderful step daughter , M wanted to learn so together we made one for their home!!
Check out my pictures below ♥

The tools for the job:

The supplies fot the job:

Step 1:

Step 2:
Phone book pages...allot of them - hey I'm recycling!!

Step 3:

Repeat Steps 1, 2 and 3 about a BILLION really I think I made about 600 of these things on the weekend...I know I lead an exciting life :)

Start to hot glue them by their tips onto the basket:

Once the outside it finished, I started to glue them into the middle, annnnd repeat!

A few of them I had to glue together beacuse they wanted to slip apart, askew a bit, but this put them back into their place!!

Picked up these little plastic pearls at the dollar store:

I then hot  glued them randomly on the tips fo the pages:

I also hot gued them onto a few of the fake autum berries:

Taaa Daaa!!! I LOVE this, I even dragged my neighbour over to look and she LOVED it too!!

So I made another one, and then went to the BF's for dinner where one of my step daughter's help me make one for their house!!

I made pretty much the same one earlier at my house, so now we have matching Phone book Wreaths!!!
Awww :)

lisa xoxo
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I'm in need of some doggy lovin inspiration, make me laugh out loud, awwwww pictures right now !

I've been very stressed out lately, just with life and all I juggle, and I was looking at pictures that always make me smile, laugh and cheer me up, so I thoguht I would share some with you guys :)
Enjoy ♥

Running Dogs

All that running makes for some sleepy dogs!!

Hope that cheered you up, I know it cheered me up!!!
lisa xoxo

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I'll make my own damn shabby chic diningroom table!!

Well...I posted a few pics of the INSPIRATION I kept seeing and drooling over. Here's a quick look back at some of the droll worth Dining room/Kitchen tables I wanted really really really badly....

This one is my # 1 favorite, and it comes from an amazing blog called Cozy.Cottage.Cute.

Okay so you get the idea right?!

I don't have any "during" ....sorry but I just didn't want to stop while I was going...not that there was allot to do. I found an old table off Craigslist (luuuv CL).
Ripped the top off...gentle :)
Sanded, and sanded, and sanded the round curvaceous legs and frame!! That was annoying, even with my little mouse sander...lets just say I did it all in two evenings, about 4 hours and I had a headache each night!
Primed and painted everything the same white I used on the Neck Snappin Dresser Make Ova

I then bought four 1 foot x 1" x 6 foot length knotted pine (these are MY measurements in case they drive anyone one else nuts:) and lightly sanded them, and gave them 2 coats of a dark chocolate brown leftover paint I had used on my bathroom cupboards :) :) :)
I'm so smart!!

And so  after a wee little cutting and nailing L-brackets, and wood glue, this is my NEW but OLD Shabby Chic table for MY living room !!!!!

By the way, that is a working drawer :)

Oh and during al of this, I discovered my Gal Bladder doesn't like me so much, and has developed a rather large stone that has wedge itself in there pretty after a stay at the hospital where the ER nurse asked me, "Have you ever had Morphine", and I said "Noooooo" and in my head said "Helllll Yaaaa take this brutal pains away , yay for Morphine"!!! So I guess surgery is pending...

Chow for now, well Low Fat , small portions for now ( I better lose weight ) and onto the next Project!!!!

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