Super Summer Fun!!

Guess who I cuddled to death!!! My two amazing, adorable, too-cute-for-words nieces A3 & A4 ♥♥

This is A3
( the whole family names start with A, so being the first born she is A3)



Annnd Max was a BIG  hit with the girls! All we heard all weekend was "Maxs, Maxs, Maxs, Maxs"

He didn't mind it too much eh?!


We all headed up to my BF's family cabin near Summerland, BC!! Max was catching some shade in the 30 + Celsius degree weather!!

Hot Dog :)

Ummm, what is the dog drinking...oh it's just the water the wieners were in!

Obviously the temptation of sweet sweet wiener water enticed both canine noses and tongues!!


Max playing "Dead dog" from the kiddos and the heat ♥

Otis Thee Pug following his lead!!

What fun we had, Max is recovering from all the fun this week.
I plan on tackling a small dresser I picked up a month ago .... pictures to come!!

Happy Summer All

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