Neck Snapping Dresser Make Ova

If you remember this post, I f i n a l l y had a chance to spend some quality time with this carport fixture dresser last night. I kinda think I blew the motor or something on the old square hand sander, so lucky for me I have great neighbours and one of them GAVE me a Black and Decker Mouse Sander for my projects!!
 So nice - thanks neighbour :)

So this is the INSPIRATION:

You get the idea.

Annd this is the beginning of what I HOPE will be a great piece for my livingroom *fingers crossed*
An old distressed dresser used as my 42 inch flat screen TV's stand.

As it was when I came to a screeching halt in Fort Langley to grab her at the end of someones driveway (Free, I didn't steal it)

Hmmmmm knobs and pulls...still brainstorming on these

Goopy gross laminate stripping crap!

A few gauges, not bad at all!

One wee little spot of paint, easy to get rid of!

Hee hee my free mouse sander!!!!!!!!

Next time I wont wear white :(

Finished sanding her!!

kinda ugly feet

Took the legs off, again brainstorming what to replace with  or paint them??

I'm kidless this weekend so it may be the weekend to finish this off. I'm thinkin a few coats of primer and then a "Satin" coat of white...gonna look at my General Paint swatch tonight!!

I'm so excited....Im such a nerd :)


She's allllmost finished!!!!

So she's been primed twice.
Annd I picked up a eggshell paint from General Paint called "Wash Basin", kinda a white with a hint of light grey, not the in-yo-face-WHITE. She got a thick coat of that and then the fun part began!!

After the paint had dried, I took the mouse sander and like an artist (hee hee) I began to distress the edges...and I'm telling you does that EVER bring out the piece, I mean it really POPS!!

I was sanding in the evening about 7:00ish...and every time I turned my sander on I quietly said "sorry" to my neighbours :)

I then used this Varathan stain called "Provincial" to darken the sanded edge bringing them out even more.
I used one of my kids small skinny paint brush, wiped it on, then used an old cloth to wipe off the excess.

And as it was pointed out to me, yes I know I took a picture of the french side!

Might I mention that last night when I was doing this it was getting darker and darker, and as you can see I have no light in my man made carport. Was working blind people!!

Oh annd I took these pictures THIS morning (7:44 A M ) as I was leaving for work cause I was sooooo excited to show off my work. Can I get a gold star please :)

Final piece assembled tonight!! Pics to come :)


All Finished :)

These pics are ok, but after I'm finished rearranging my stuf I'll take better wider pics ;)

After sitting back and looking at it for as while, I find this dresser/TV stand is "simple dramatic".

And because we ALL ♥ a before/after shot:

So onto the next livingroom table I'm making myself!! Here's a sneak peek at the inspiration..

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All the right friends in all the right places ♥

A blog I follow, and in fact signed up for their weekly email post is Fiona and Twig !
Today's post introduced us to her very good friend Lisa @ Bilancia Designs.

Whoa first of all...holy beautiful handwriting batman!! And such amazing and cute tags (which I have a passion for) AND to celebrate her online shop Fiona and Twig is sponsoring Biancia Designs FREE GIVE AWAY!!!!

Love Free, Love Giveaway and LOVE pretty thingys :)

To check out Fiona and Twing click here
 Here are a few glimpses of this adorable, fresh, shabby, phunny (that's PH funny) blog:

Catch a glimpse of the Beautiful calligraphy tags and stunning flower balls of Biancia Designs here:

Just a BIG DIY'ing fan sharing the BLOG LOVE people :) :) :)

xoxo lisa

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