Summer's been crazy so far & now I'm adding nuts, I mean Family!!

I have been SOOO busy I haven't even had time to think...well a little, mostly about how busy this summer has been. I am beyond excited that my BIG BROTHER "A" and his wife "A" and my two little nieces "a" & "a" , otherwise known as "A4" are arriving tomorrow!!!

Even though they are all staying at my parents house, I still have taken the opportunity to do some power cleaning in my home!

I did such things as :

Although a very clean & organized house is great ,,, I've been feeling as little like this:

But it will ALL be worth it to see these two sweethearts ♥♥

I LOVE my Family and I think this little sign says it all!!!

Lisa ♥

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3rd Annual Where Bloggers Create 2011

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Welcome to the Party!!!

Wow, I can't believe it's finally here! It seems like I have doing preparations for months!! Wait... I have!!! First, I would like to welcome everyone who is participating in the party, and everyone else, who weren't able to show us their spaces, but who are still visiting all the amazing and talented women who are gathered here. It has been so much fun putting together this event.
The final count for our party list is over 450!!! (Last year it was 150) I can't wait to come and visit each and every one of you! It's probably going to take me 2 months to reach you all, so I will be a busy girl for a while! I will be putting a direct link to each of the party guests post on the Where Bloggers Create blog. ( I will put a link to it on my blog as soon as it is ready.)
To enter for this opportunity click here
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Canada Day!!!

Happy Birthday Canada!!
Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL looooong weekend!!!
Myself and the Boy & Girl got a TON of house cleaning, yard work done....ahhhhh a clean house, now that's my idea of relaxed :)

love lisa
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