Ikea Hutch gets a Make Over - Shabby Chic Style PART 2

So this past weekend ended up being very very busy, but I did manage to fit in most of the sanding!!
I used my little hand sander I inherited from my BF (thanks sweetie)...but after all that sanding I think I might have blown the motor :( I was down to almost the last door, and it makde this weird *sweeeeeek* noise !!
Not good I'm thinking, so I shut 'er off and havent used it again....BUT I did get about 90% of the job done!!

That's particle board on the back, so I'm just leaving that alone!

I also took care of the glass doors :)
My Boy was excited to help me when I told him I was going to "smash" out the windows!
I used a big black garbage, lined the inside with newspaper, and then laid the door inside the bag. I then got my Boy to HIT the glass with a hammer....nothing. He did it again......nothing. So I tried a HARD hit.....nothing.
Then I took it out and discovered I had actaully not broken the glass but BROKE the frame :(
I was able to wiggle the glass out from the broken frame, and then I had to wood glue the frame back together...but that's how these projects go right...I figure them out and I figure out the "problems" I create too :P The second door broke on the first hit! Go figure :) So two doors, no glass, and pretty much all sanded!!

Chicken Wire & White Paint is next on the "To Do List"

To see the final product click here
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