Crazy for Free stuff - look at the Dresser I got :)

So I was out for a drive in Beautiful Fort Langley admiring the stunning homes, and landscapes, getting ideas and such. As I turned down one of the street and drove along, I just about snapped my neck as I drove past a driveway with two dresser sitting there. I had to turn around, park, get out, exam and proceeded tot he front door. The woman who was home gladly assured me both were free for the taking!! Ohhhh so cool, so I took the taller of the two, left the other behind. It is currently in the back of my car, and I'll put in my garage after work :)

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Refabriced some old Cushions

So this post is two fold! First, I refabriced one of the Geriatric chairs into a more quieter pattern. My good neighbour M gave me two HUGE UGLY pillows....but all I was thinking was ,"Ohhhhh I could Refabric those and put them on my bed or something"!!!
So here is the refabric chair, AND one of the UGLY cushion.......

And here is the one cushion I refabriced!!

"L" stands for case my sister wants to comment otherwise ;)

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I   L - O- V- E- my white, chippy, distressed Ikea Hutch!! What a fantastic final product is I do say so myself !!!!!

Now my apologise for no "in progress" pictures, as one of my kids has "borrowed" my camera, and now it's missing.
These picture were taken with my work's company camera ;)

The chicken wire turned out AWSOME!!!!!

SO for those of you who like before and after pictures, like I do here it is:

I picked this little soap dish up at a local artsy fartsy/plant store in Fort Langley!!

I also grabbed this amazing tin picture...they had a bunch more...but that's enough $$ spent for now :)

What do you all think?? I have a china cabnet also from Ikea in the same brown wheels are turning telling I may have to also make that white, chippy, and distressed!!

lisa xoxo

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Productive DIY filled weekend HERE I COME!!!

What do you get with no kids, and 72 hours?

Number 1) Me painting my hutch, installing little pot lights and applying the chicken wire, and distressing it!

Number 2) Me re-fabricing my "put on the back burner" Geriatric twin chairs!

Number 3) Re-fabricing GIANT pillows I was given by my good neighbours M & Z :)

It's 3:56pm on Friday at work.....and my mind is definitly on paint,fabric,sanding blocks,thread color.....
come onnnnnnnnnn 4:30!!

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Yes, my Dad's first car was named "Pig"!

Dad was given an old boat of a car when he was 16, and of course he had to name her his favorite animal....pig!!

This post is dedicated to my amazingly funny Dad, Fast Eddie!!

♥Love ya Dad♥

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Robins Egg Blue

This pictures comes from my co-worker, Rick in Calgary AB. He took it on a ladder in his backyard....apparently "Mama" wasn't too happy and squawked at him for getting close to her beautiful little egg !

The contrast of colors are fact this is my new background for my work computer :)

Thanks Ricky Pooh ;)

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Mason & Milk & Mirrors Oh My

I saw this great idea on another Blog, and since I had just picked up these glass bottles from my local Value Village....guess what I did while I watched the Nuckleheads lose!
I painted the inside of the bottles with my baby light blue paint!!
*please dont mind the crappy Black Berry photos, left my camera at work plugged in, argh*

I also had just picked up this little mirror & frame....annnd they got painted the same light blue too :p

Oh and this was Mr.Max and his little step brother a week ago on my legs while I watched TV

lisa xoxo
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Ikea Hutch gets a Make Over - Shabby Chic Style PART 2

So this past weekend ended up being very very busy, but I did manage to fit in most of the sanding!!
I used my little hand sander I inherited from my BF (thanks sweetie)...but after all that sanding I think I might have blown the motor :( I was down to almost the last door, and it makde this weird *sweeeeeek* noise !!
Not good I'm thinking, so I shut 'er off and havent used it again....BUT I did get about 90% of the job done!!

That's particle board on the back, so I'm just leaving that alone!

I also took care of the glass doors :)
My Boy was excited to help me when I told him I was going to "smash" out the windows!
I used a big black garbage, lined the inside with newspaper, and then laid the door inside the bag. I then got my Boy to HIT the glass with a hammer....nothing. He did it again......nothing. So I tried a HARD hit.....nothing.
Then I took it out and discovered I had actaully not broken the glass but BROKE the frame :(
I was able to wiggle the glass out from the broken frame, and then I had to wood glue the frame back together...but that's how these projects go right...I figure them out and I figure out the "problems" I create too :P The second door broke on the first hit! Go figure :) So two doors, no glass, and pretty much all sanded!!

Chicken Wire & White Paint is next on the "To Do List"

To see the final product click here
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Ikea Hutch gets a Make Over - Shabby Chic Style

My purchase off Craigslist, the price was *dramatic music* da da da daa daaaaa $20 bucks. That's it, $20 freakin bucks!! Love Craigslist!
Anyhoot, I plan on sanding it , of course, and painting it.........white......I know, I know and my kids keep saying, "quite painting everything white",  but really's my house, so there!!!
Also for those who saw my post on FB about where to find chicken Rona btw, they sell bundles for under $10 bucks......I'm going to take out the glass and replace with the chicken wire!!!
♥Dramatic and sweet♥

This is the Hutch.....and I'll hopefully get it all done this weekend and will be able to post the After pics on Monday!

Some Inspirational pictures that involve chicken wire!!

I like this idea of lights inside to "showcase"

some cute bees ♥

lisa xoxo

To see the work involved click here

To see the final products click here
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Blog Love

I'm sharing some Blog Love today! This post comes from "4 the Love of Wood" which hails from beautiful Aldergrove , BC! I plan on attending the COMMUNITY MARKET this Saturday, and beelining over to my FAVORITE bloggers and re-purposers!!

Posted: 02 Jun 2011 07:10 PM PDT
WEEK #1 - Knocked on my assests with STREP THROAT,
WEEK #2 - A grand fall down the stairs SPRAINING MY WRIST
WEEK #3 - My PC passed away forcing me to upgrade EVERYTHING
WEEK #4 - Rain and humidity is related to Murphy when you want to paint.
THE RESULT - I've still managed to make a great effort for this Saturday's COMMUNITY SHOW.
Plz enjoy the photos as I continue to finish things up.
Hope to see you all there.
Kasey will be available making glitter letters, so just ask us for the
 letters or phrase you are looking for if you don't see them.
MY rabbit won't be available, he is a picture hog. But this great hollywood
chic lampshade and base will be available along with the
 picture frame and stand, Italian made mini rose frames, and much more.
This art deco china cabinet will still get it's own write up once the chaos has ended,
if you want to see it in person she is attending the show as well.
The weather forcast for Saturday is looking absolutely stunning.
See you all at
19991 49th ave
Langley BC
9am to 4pm
To visit this blog click this link:
cheers lisa xoxo
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