I'm a DOG lover....but the exception is my sister's cat GRETCHEN ♥

SO my sister (Twin B) has this cat named Gretchen. She was really mean when she was a baby right through her teen years. Today she's settled down a bit ( still delivers the occasional swat at me or the kids when we visit) but she pretty cool.....for a cat :)

So this is us...I'm obviously the one of the left about to dunk her head into a bucket full if water!!

This is  "LASER" Gretchy...shooting green lasers at anyone who pee's her off...so everyone

Artsy Fartsy Gretchy

Planning the attack Gretchy..."loook into my eyeeeees"

The last thing you see as she attacks!!!!

Yup...I'm a dog lover ♥

lisa xoxo

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