I GOT ORGANZIED and regained my marbles :) oh and did some DIY too

So this Home Made Sign thing is pretty cool and all, but I was starting to LOSE my marbles over the
un-organized mess I was creating! And since I cannot function is chaos, I went down to my local Walmart, and what was the first thing I saw....a freakin display of 7 DRAWER ORGANIZERS....ahhh heaven :)

Oh and I picked up some new brushes and stuff...will test them out see if I like them

Annd I bought this yellow box cutter....but then I saw this one.....(look next picture)

Next Picture.....it's PURPLE...We-H-LL   I HAD to get this!!!

My Son keeps saying "MOM quite spray painting everything WHITE" hee hee, it's a girl thing I guess :)
I sprayed these Ikea shelves thingys I had...it was too dark in the corners of my diningroom...now it's bright and cheery ♥

of course I distressed them

lisa xox

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