Crap crap and more crap :)♥♥

Look what I got on Saturday!!!!! Oh annnd the woman i bought from was really cool, and lived in this cottage-y type BEAUTIFUL house with a nice yard and garden...and HER neighbour had a big cage on his lawn with GIANT CHICKENS..anyhoot, she says to me.."I have other stuff I'm going to put on Craigslist, did you want to look"?....ahhhh yeess!! So here are my 3 finds this weekend...I've already started the shabby chic paint job on the bookcase, and sanding on the little hallway table :) :)


I finished painting the Bookcase, and have put it in my small dinning room for now!!

I also sanded the little hallway table and sprayed it flat black, then distressed it. I think because it just sits in my hallway I`m not going to coat it...unless I start to see fingerprints from the Boy & Girl :)

Did you notice the black chair with the ugly seat coverss...yup picked two of these babies up at a garage sale...which I rarley go too...annnnnd I`m going to re-do them...OBVIOUSLY I`m going to paint the wood white...and I already know what print of fabric I`m going to change to....ekkkkk soooo excited....just have to find the time...hmmmmmmm

lisa xoxo

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  1. You must be having a blast? I'm watching for the revels!!!!
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD


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