Spray Painting - - - Should I or Shouldn't I???

I have a older (good shape) wicker chair my parents gave me when I was 16 years old...so like not THAT long ago. I have always wanted to change it from the drab "woody" color to brilliant WHITE!! I'm not sure if I should paint it, or spray paint it....I may try the spray paint first, especially after looking at THESE inspiraional pictures of SPRAY PAINTED CRAP :) 

AND some painted furniture...I really LOVE the teal color!!!

I LOVE this idea...I may have to do this!!!

And because I am me, I have to throw this in.......

Who can resist a doggie panting...awwwwww

Or ears blowing in the wind....

But the cutest Super Doggies of them all is my Maxi Doodles...this is Maximus on VaCa ♥

Annnd my BF's litle pug OTIS...or as the Girl and Boy told thier Grandma "No Grandma it's NOT Otis, it's OH-DIS" - wurd

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  1. Cute doggy pix! Definitely use spray paint on things that have tons of nooks & crannies in them, like wicker. You'll get the best result. (Use it outside on a non-rainy day though.)


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