One oldie down, one to go!

Look what I did this weekend! I LOVE the color of this fabric, and I have to say...not too "shabby" for a first time!! This is coming from a girl who just "wings" it...seriously, I just did it as I went. NOW, yes, there are a few negative imperfections ( chair staples are a bit crooked...they were really hard to line up and nail in) BUT overall....I really like it! Now to complete her twin :)

First I sanded...for the first time with this little bad boy from the BF :)

Tools I used for the re-fabricing (my own word)

After I sanded and painted a very light coat of semi gloss white.

This is EXACTLY what I had in mind...I'm into yellow right now...awwww

Oh oh oh and I picked up these little thingys...there were some on the chair befoe...dark, gold UGLY...these are silver, cute and pretty ♥

So as it turns out..foam is REDONKULOUSLY expensive! So the alternative was to swing into Value Village, pick up a thick soft blanket, and then rip apart two old couch pillows and take the stuffing out to use on the new chairs :) "Now that's using my noodle"

Looking gooooood

Annnnd the helper comes along. This is actualy pretty tame of him to just "sniff" the tools...earlier when I was painting, he decided it was time to play "Throw the Baboon" (his stuffie), and he proceeded to shake the HECK outta his baboon annnnd toss him at the freshly painted white chair. Needless to say his Baboon looks tribal now with the white line down his face :)
Way to help Maxi ♥

So the pretty silver chair tack thingys were actually kinda hard to nail in.....straight. They kept bending, and I may have to relplace a few...but still not too bad :)

YAY Me :)

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