Adhearing the Origami drawer lining tutorial from "4 the love of Wood" Blog

Yesterday I showed you how to cut and fold your
drawer liner, if you missed that you can find it here.

Today is how I adhere my non prepasted paper liner.

I use double sided tape. It may be expensive but
 I like knowing the paper can be taken out in a few
 years if it needs to be changed.

Your drawer has to be dust free before you start.

I run a strip along the front and back edge of the drawer bottom. 

Then I run strips along the papers edge on the front and back flaps. 

Start removing the tape backing inside the drawer front and back. 

Now drop your premade paper liner into the drawer,
smoothing from the center out till it is adhered to the bottom edges.

Once you have stuck your liner down to the bottom remove the
 tape backing on the front and back flaps. 

Press the front and back flaps into place one ata a time.
Always start in the center and work your way to the outer edges.

Here are 2 photos to show you the edges of the front and back once smoothed out. 

Now it's time for the side flaps. As before stick your double side
 tape to the top inside edge of the flap, remove the tape backing and
 press it into place. Repeat for the other end.

There is your completed drawer lining. 

This is how much tape that was used for 4 drawers. 

This tutorial come from the talented

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