Awwwwww shucks, you guys are too kind :)

Just wanted to let you know that I "LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!"
the family sign you made for us. It is awesome , very rustic and counrty chic . Fits into my home perfectly! Thanks again Lisa , look forward to creating many more signs with you for my home.
- Maher Family

Thank you so much for the sign! I absolutly LOVE it!!
You did an amazing job. True tallent. It fits perfect in my
country setting i have going on here.

XO Jess
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"The Bird Family"

This is a custom sign, made of Pine. This is 1 x 2 x 4 size. No two are alike, as I "Beat" them all differently :)
A little embellishment added for a more country, shabby chic look ♥

I add a hook to the back for easy hanging.

So much fun
lisa xoxo

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Alright, here goes. I am a early 30's mom of two. My 13 year old girl, who I refer to as ``The Girl`` and my 12 year old boy who I refer to as ``The Boy`` are inspirations to me and are a constant source of humor for me!

I have a Brady Bunch situation, which for time sake I will not bother explaining, just that my BF has two daughters (awesome kids) and we DO NOT live together!

Oh and I have the WORLD BEST rescue super dog, Max!

As I got into my late 20's and early 30's I discovered something about myself I never knew.
1) I am a clean freak
2) I L O V E to organize and
3) I LOVE LOVE LOVE to decorate, take apart, fix, paint, basically FIGURE IT OUT and go with it!

In between being a MOM, and a GF, a daughter, and a twin sister ( I'm twin A) and a employee at the greatest company, I tinker, putter, and generally fart around (shout out to Mel!!)

I have a pretty great sense of humor, which shows in the pictures I post that make me pass milk, coffee, or water through my nose!

I started this blog on a whim, and have been addicted since day ONE!

Look for the new projects I get myself into, some occasional stories, and what I think are inspirational they be big stuffy comforters in shabby chic bedrooms, or pigs playing in mud!!

To me, it's always and will always be ALL About the Cozy ♥ Pin It

My newest hobbie - ♥Signs♥

This was the first "Family" sign I made...not to bad :)

This is my favorite sign so far, font & size.

This was my second sign, which taught me about "spacing" (and double checking the spelling of the name *groan*)

My good neighbour requested a rustic, shabby "Boardwalk" sign for her beach themed bathroom!!
She L-O-V-E-D it, which makes me so happy ♥
These signs were so much fun, I'm definitely going to make more!!! My next sign is for my parents, only this time the main color is rusty red, with white writing...we'll see what that looks like :)

lisa xoxo

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Adhearing the Origami drawer lining tutorial from "4 the love of Wood" Blog

Yesterday I showed you how to cut and fold your
drawer liner, if you missed that you can find it here.

Today is how I adhere my non prepasted paper liner.

I use double sided tape. It may be expensive but
 I like knowing the paper can be taken out in a few
 years if it needs to be changed.

Your drawer has to be dust free before you start.

I run a strip along the front and back edge of the drawer bottom. 

Then I run strips along the papers edge on the front and back flaps. 

Start removing the tape backing inside the drawer front and back. 

Now drop your premade paper liner into the drawer,
smoothing from the center out till it is adhered to the bottom edges.

Once you have stuck your liner down to the bottom remove the
 tape backing on the front and back flaps. 

Press the front and back flaps into place one ata a time.
Always start in the center and work your way to the outer edges.

Here are 2 photos to show you the edges of the front and back once smoothed out. 

Now it's time for the side flaps. As before stick your double side
 tape to the top inside edge of the flap, remove the tape backing and
 press it into place. Repeat for the other end.

There is your completed drawer lining. 

This is how much tape that was used for 4 drawers. 

This tutorial come from the talented

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Origami for your drawers -tutorial from "4 the love of Wood" Blog

ORIGAMI FOR YOUR DRAWERS - drawer lining tutorial

It is very simple to keep your *pattern
 intact* while lining your drawers.
Only 5 cuts and 10 folds you can have this
I'll do this in 2 parts.
Today I'll show you how to cut and fold,
tomorrow I'll show you how I adhere it.

I start with the drawer upside down.

I cut the paper long enough to cover the bottom and sides.

Next fold the sides tight to the drawer sides.
Fold 1 & 2

Turn your drawer over and lay your paper inside.

Decide how far up the front and back you want your paper to go and crease
it. I go farther up the back as you generally don't see the inside of the front.
Fold 3 & 4

Now that you have your edges creased remove the paper from the
 drawer so you can cut the 4 corners.

One straight cut to the crease lines you just made front and back.

You can see here the cuts that make your corners.
Note: The paper is curling showing you a triangle, it is just straight cuts.

Back into the drawer now fold these 4 corner flaps down. 
Fold 5,6,7,8

Push up the 2 side panels.  

Fold the extra paper on the sides over the top edge of your
drawer to make another crease. 

Now complete the fold and press it down. 
Repeat this on the other end.
Folds 9 & 10

There is your *pattern intact* liner. 

Tomorrow I'll show you my unique way of
adhering this non pasted paper. 

This tutorial comes from the wonderfully talented:

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