My FIRST project!

Before & After
My First Project
How I did it .....
If you remember the begining...

 All the staples!!!

AND then the thing I had troubles with were drips. I tried to make sure I caught them but
then would find some, after they dried, I'd sand them and repaint...this happened allot!

 General Paint semi gloss latex paint I used.
My son and I went to Princess Auto...major GUY store full of crap crap and more crap!!
We picked up some clamps.....I grabbed the little one cause it was sooooo cute :)
I went to my local Walmart and picked up this foam seat, 12" x 12" x 12"  ...but it ended up being too big :(
 I also got these 18" x 21" fabrics....but I wans't too thrilled with them...they didn't have that "WOW" factor I wanted, plus I had an color and pattern in my head and these were not it. (did I mention they were only $2)
 Mr.Max telling me he didnt like these patterns either!
Soooo I ran down to the Fabricland in Langey city, which I had never been too...great help from the ladies there...and while looking throught the gazzilions of patterns.....there it was, the pattern in my head!!!!
I also got some 1/2" foam, and just doubled it up to make it a full 1"
 Max's approval :)

The tools for the job!

Taa Daa!!! The corners were a bit tuff, but I did it!!
The finished project, and I am quite pleaseed with myself too :)

Now....onto the next project!! Stay Tuned!!

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  1. I can't believe I haven't seen this one.. it's awesome! Good job! :-)


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