CAT BUTT read that right : p

Cat Butt Coasters

Serious conversation pieces here.... I Loved making these...I was chuckling along as I was making them. 
I was inspired by others I had seen before, and thought I would give them a try... they ended up being super easy to make, so I make a gang of cat butts!! 

For sale on my Etsy Shop here

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Crochet Owls

Tried a new pattern I've been obsessed with.... Owl Baskets! I made 3 this weekend .... 2 medium sized baskets and a mini white tea light holder! 

I've listed these super cute sweeties on my Etsy shop! I'll definitely be making more of these babies!!
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Cozy Custom made His n' Hers Boot Slippers

I was commissioned to make a pair of His n' Hers Boot Slippers! 
I have never made them before but meh that doesn't stop me!!

I used Vana White yarn, machine washable. I did unravel a bit as I was following a loose pattern...but I made up most of it as I went :) 

She wanted a little white rose flourish. This first pic was the inspiration :

Not bad for a first time!

His ....

His n' Hers....

Thank You Tina for the fun job !

love lisa

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Crocheted Boot Cuffs

It has been a loooooooong time my friends :) 
I'm baaack and crocheting up a storm!! Here are my new favorite passions....boot cuffs! I've posted them on my Etsy Shop which you can get to HERE

lots of love
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All About the Cozy: Bright pink crocheted slippers

All About the Cozy: Bright pink crocheted slippers Pin It

Bright pink crocheted slippers

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